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    duel fuel is the way to go

    I don’t know what your local utility rates are but I believe dual fuel is the way to go. Heat pumps often don’t have the same life as a gas furnace and A/C combination because of the extreme conditions and length of operation (all winter in cold climates). Duel fuel offers the best of both worlds. If you are looking at the Bryant Evolution system you can easily set the change over point to gas heating from heat pump. I installed a Carrier Infinity duel fuel last October and I saved more on heating than cooling over my previous system.

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    I've always used the analogy: gas heat warms you to the bone, electric heat just keeps you from freezing. I live in and area that heaters are used 8 months a year and temps below 40 are common in winter so 99% of what I see is gas heat. I would definately find out where your your winter temps are going to be, and what electric and gas rates are going to be before making a decision.

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    You might want to contact your electric company and see if they offer a rebate for choosing to go with a heatpump over gas. Also, there may be a tax credit in some cases.

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