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    I have a badly corroded condenser/ compressor package unit that needs replacement on the ship I work on in the Gulf of Mexico. The original unit is a 4 ton 134a unit, which I have been unable to find. It seems that most split systems now are 410. My questions are:
    -Can I retrofit the system with a package 410 condenser/compressor unit, switch the TXV, and everything will be gravy?
    -Will the pressure increase be a problem?
    -Is it possable to find a 134a unit? Where should I look?
    -Does anybody have any advice as far as literature on system installation?

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    There will be a company that can make a new condensing unit using 134a or maybe off the shelf being 134a. they will need to know pipe sizes, model numbers if any and if you can take the unit to them they can match it. A refrigeration wholesaler maybe able to help you . someone in america will tell you. i know you have total line over there call them .They will point you in the right direction. there are companies in aus that do it.

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