You need to name an 2nd adminstrator to take care of problems that need to be addresses when you aren't around. Last week a large number of football pool participants
couldn't make pics for 2 reasons one of which you cleared up by making the deadline at 1 pm est. The other was poolhost was having login problems and these folks couldn't get in to make pics by the lame deadline of 10 am. Which you made after the first week of pics when you missed the early games and couldn't get your pics in so you changed the deadline and just didn't get points for the first game.

We need to make these partcipants whole so they stay interested in this pool otherwise it will be.....Willthe last player out of our poolhost website please turn off the lights.

I am posting this on the hvac-talk website and also send this in e-mail to you. For some reason my e-mails don't get answered by you at all times. We need to get this mess cleaned up ASAP so name an administrator.......Hell I'll even volunteer for the job or if someone else does give it to them Like I say it would be temporary until you can devote a little more time to this like you have in the past