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    I just had a 2 stage Bryant furnace installed but the installer only put in a one stage T-stat. Probably because there was only enough wiring for a single stage. I have ordered a Honeywell 8320. I think I need the W2 wire for the 2nd stage heat?. Can I use a Debonair Add-a-Wire to solve the problem instead of installing a new wire?

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    That's what its made for.

    Personally, I'd rather pull another set of wires.

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    ditto unless it is a real PITA run the new wire it is your best bet

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    Yeah.. the new cable will have several spare wires. Having those present will also allow for features you may want to add in the future- dehumidification, humidification, outside temp sensor, dual fuel, fresh air ventilation, etc. Until everything goes digital, there is going to be a lot of push for more wires as systems get more and more complicated.

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