I have recently purchased an 1890 2200 sq ft farm house with approx 1200' on 1st fl and 1000' on 2nd fl. Half of the basement is a full but unfinished basement and half is crawl space and the attic is fairly empty and unfinished except it has pine floor boards and has a steep pitch from the middle towards each of the 4 corners.

The heat is a closed water system w/ exposed radiators in the extension areas (prob built 50+ yrs ago) and the main part of the house has built in radiators. I'm told to keep this radiator system as it gives off comfortable heat vs forced air systems.

The question I have is whether high velocity a/c systems make sense or should I do a ductless system. My main concerns are taking up too much space in the attic w/ ductwork and air handlers, cost of system, ability to cool the house, and noise of system.

I have heard about Unico and SpacePak...any thoughts which is better?

All thoughts are appreciated.