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    Will be changing out current HVAC system.

    Have decided on Amana Brand.
    Still debating on the use of either the 4 ton RTG Ultron 16 seer or RHF Temp assure 14 seer.

    The home is in the Dallas Ft worth area. Two-story box design, all bedrooms up approx. 1980 SQ ". 2 ceiling mount RA, one thermostat control. House faces South, with only on window facing west and a shaded back yard. Will probably remain in home another 5 years.

    Would value thoughts and insight including discussion about R22 verses R410A

    Thanks in advance!

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    Excellent choice either way. I generally tell a customer that if they aren’t going to be in home ten years 2-stage is not cost effective option. Now my personal feelings are that the 14 SEER and 16 SEER will cost roughly the same to operate but 16 SEER will be more comfortable.

    The question for you is how much is the difference to install them. There is the need to replace the refrigerant copper with the 16 SEER may not be necessary with the 14 SEER. Which furnace or air handler will you go with important to go Variable speed with 2-stage.

    The choice between R-410A and R-22 is easy either one is a good choice. If you are in an area with a bunch of liberal tree hugger types going with R-410A may be a selling point when you sell the house. If you were in Austin I would most definitely recommend an R-410A system. As far as pro's and con's of the refrigerants they balance out no real issues with either one at this time

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    Thank you!

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