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    Hi Pros!

    Are there any quality single stage VS furnaces on the market? I don't really need a 2 stage, I'm quite comfortable with one, but I do run my fan on low 24/7. In Toronto, where gas is more than 10 cents, that is costing me $450.00 a year. I got the AMPS from the blower, figured out the watts and did the math! YIKES! For that, there is no question that my new furnace with be a VS.

    So, why are single stage VS so rare? Or is it just that I'm looking in the wrong place?


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    Talking Spend the money for savings

    Question is why would you not want a (2)stage variable drive, when the furnace would be on low fire until you really needed the extra heat then it would go to high fire.

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    The market for a single stage variable speed furnace is not there. Buy the 2 stage model and if you want single stage for some reason, this can be accomplished easily with some simple low voltage wiring.

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    Only single stage variable speed is the Thermopride Oil furnace.

    You will be MUCH more happier with the two stage in mild weather like now before old man winter hits, and when he does hit, you got the PURE comfort of two stage.

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