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I glad you are willing to pay - I ,however, believe in the KISS principle. Also I believe that you are paying a LOT more for a LITTLE more comfort - my 10 Seer, single-speed system keeps me quite comfortable - Thats why I can't understand why I should expect better?? My home stayed between 45 & 55% humidity this summer while maintaining 73-74 degrees 'f', my utility bills are high but not outragious, and they are high when I don't even use my Hvac system. What would be better ??? How much better is yur system?? Plus, how old is yur system - wait till you have to replace board / motor / or both. Then tell me its still worth it.

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Overall, my power bill has dropped about $20 a month (I didn't run the fan 24/7 on the old Airtemp) and I now run my vs all times. I replaced a 12SEERS york with a 11 SEERS Trane.

The furnace is two stage heating, 1 years old last week, and I keep the ac at 76-78 degrees, and Humidity is about 40 to 43%

House is overall even in temps in all room vs the neighbor who just has a standard single stage furnace, his room are not even temp as mine (Same floor plans)

I got the 10 years parts/labor. so I don't have to pay for anything extra if it did fail on me.

What I like most about the variable speed is when the fan is running, (no heat/cooling) it runs very slow.. I have a media filter, with the slower air flow, the filter does a better job of filtering the air.

I have nothing bad about the multi speed PSC motor, i agree they are simple.. But I am willing to pay for the comfort.