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    Cool I think a lot of you guys are jumping the gun

    If it is easy to run a new wire from the stat to the furnace then absolutely he should get a two stage stat.

    Now what if there is 40 feet of wire through two finished floors?
    Got a magic fish tape?

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    There are several ways around fishing new wire.

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    Before you ask "what are the different options"?

    Here is a thread that lists some of them.

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    Wink I am familiar with the different options

    As long as the original poster understands there are COSTS associated with upgrading to the two stage stat then all is well.

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    i think this thread just caused tha HOs Amana contractor

    some unjustified grief.

    I got the feeling that the HO thinks we just handed him a mandate to go medeval on his installing contractor.

    But i would just say that he should discuss it with the guy, not demand it because of opinions from this thread.

    We don't know what the circumstance were on the sale.

    We all have been there so you don't have to read between the lines to know what I am saying.

    Could be impossible to run a new wire and the sales guy
    just didn't mention it.

    I don't care how good a tech is, there are some conditions that won't let you run an new line.

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    another option is
    you can add 2, 4, or 6 etra wires. I used one where customer only had 2 wires, (heat only)we used fast stat 5ooo & bumped it up to 6 wires for cooling & humidification.

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    Get the two stage, because if you do not need to have hi stage on it won't. Two stage is really designed for two stage stat for better comfort.I do not understand why someone would have a two stage furnace and not have the two stage stat?

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