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    Honeywell CT- or RT- are consumer-grade products, made for price only. You want a contractor-grade stat... better contacts, better circuits, and depending on the model, better design, not to mention more features.

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    Hi: I had a Hunter thermistat at one time, it was called a Energy Monitor. I think I used it for at least ten years and had no problems with it. The only reason I quit using it is when I had a Heat pump installed and I needed the Carrier Thermiistat that matched up with my system.


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    So now I have about 1/2 of you saying that the Hunter is no good and the other 1/2 saying that they have had not problems with it (I think I'm in that camp but have just ordered a Honeywell). Maybe we need a consumer reports evaluation that is statistically valid rather than lots of anecdotal evidence. I think that then we would have a difference between fact and opinion.

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    I'm just a homeowner too, but it sure looks like the majority of estimates are critical of Hunters. That agrees with what I have learned.

    We used to have two Hunter Energy Monitor thermostats, they worked fine for awhile then one went out. When I swapped in the good one to test, it immediately became a bad one. I like the feature set of the Hunter Energy Monitor, but that's not worth much without reliability. I sure would consider a Honeywell or a White-Rogers to be a surer bet on reliability. No doubt there are some other good brands out there too.

    Good luck -- P.Student

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