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Thread: 96% furnace

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    It seems to be very hard to find a 96% furnace of any brand for an independent contractor. Does someone know something I dont in Metro Detroit?

    Goodman has not started production yet. (They will be out the first of the year)

    Amana you have to be an authorized dealer,
    Same with carrier, and Bryant.


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    Try a dealer search on their web page. Most mfg have that service avail. I'm in Mich but on west side and don't know any contractors over there that could help you.

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    Amana furnaces are rated over 95% and 10 models of Goodman furnaces rated at 95% will start being available this month. The DOE tax credit does not take affect till 12/31/2005 so unless you are going to post date the invoice, it does little good to install the 95% furnaces yet.

    Look at the Goodman specs and you will see there is really no difference between the 93% rated and the 95% rated other then the rating itself. Goodman is noted for underating their equipment so to not have to rate each and every size of each model independantly., and ye shall find;..
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