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    Small *HOT* Elevator Room

    Hey guys, want to start out by saying I am glad I found this site. I just graduated an accredited HVAC-R school and I'm currently apprenticing for Stationary Engineer in a hotel.

    We have a 12 x 12 room that is used for our elevator lifts. Don't know too much about the units themselves, but it is EXTREMELY hot and stale in there and its an issue we need to take care of fast b/c the it sounds like they struggle and smells like theyre burning.

    Anyways back to the room. It is within another closet, 2 walls are from the laundry room (not air conditioned), 1 wall is the hallway, and the other 1 is a guest room. The exhaust is going horizontally straight through the closet to the outside. There is absolutely no make up air other than the space under the door. There is also no drain anywhere close, so that might be a dilemma.

    I guess or GM got a quote a year or two ago, but it was outrageous (somewhere in the range of $18,000+). My budget is $3-5k.

    Do you guys have suggestions? Or maybe some questions or points to bring up when getting this quoted and/or installed?

    I'd really appreciate any help! Thank you guys so much.

    If you have any questions that could help with your assessment, I'll try to answer them as promptly as possible.

    Thanks again!


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    Most locals I have worked in have elevator codes that have room temperature requirements. Call your building department. Dover elevator requires the location for the controls be kept at something like 72, been a while since I spoke with them. That being said, a little ductless split is what is typically used. If no drain, condensate pump is warranted.

    I remember one job that I went and looked at, with a hot elevator room, exhaust only. It was a hydraulic elevator. The idiot installer installed the radiator in the elevator equipment room. Once it was moved outside, as it is supposed to be, problem went away.
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