Is a heat pump worth the money to add to my new system (in Cleveland Oh)?

For those who have been following my posts, you've noticed that I've been a sticky decision situation. I have a gas co. run program paying for a 90+ furnace, but single a stage generic like ducane or concord, and a contractor willing to work for cheap. And I was going to kick in the extra bucks for a/c, humidifier etc.

So, all along I've been deliberating dumping the programs dollars, biting the bullet and paying for my own quality system and install/er.

Well the good news is that it seems I may have been succesful in steering the guys that administer the program (who have actually been pretty nice folks) to go with a quality Trane contractor. (I probably would be just as pleased with Rheem/Ruud, Carrier/Bryant, or even Lennox, but as it stands, if things work out, I'm pretty happy).

Now this Trane dealer is really encouraging me to consider going with a heat pump rather than a regular condensor. It brings a $1800-2000 additional price tag, but he says it will pay for itself in 2-3 winters at most.

Is a heat pump worth it? this accurate?...doesn't it add wear and tear on the condesor and evap coil?...does it really heat so much more efficiently??? what's the heap pump hype/story? etc.

And please give me a small lesson about what the idea behind 2 stage is anyway? is it that the system will stay on longer at a slightly ramped down rate, in order to keep positive heat flow without becoming too hot and cycling off? Putting heating costs aside, (We're from Miami and we want to be warm) will single stage at 100% will give me more heating, or will a 2 stage? ...especially considering that if 2 stage is mostly only going to use stage 1 and only kick on stage 2 sometimes then wouldn't it be better to have it all on at 100% like in single stage??? (or did I already answer this for myself in the first half of this paragraph?).