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    HTM SYSTEMS indoor coil

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    I have HVAC here in North Carolina; I and my father both have the Amana HTM systems ; the remote ones not the 90%+( energy command I think ) self contained units; we both have the 5 ton air handlers and mine has a bad indoor coil and I have exhausted my contacts on trying to find who Amana had to make their coils; Goodman took it over but they too will not tell me who made the coils so I can get one; or at least get the drawings to get one made in one of the NY coil manf. Companies.

    Mod# EBWC 6015MA

    Ser# 8906169311

    Manf# P6977502F

    I do wish someone could help as I tried repairing the coil several times and it is just rotten and gets new leaks within a 30 day period and glycol is not cheap and makes a mess; but I have almost a lifetimes supply of parts other than that stupid indoor coil J wouldn’t you know it…

    Many thanks for anything you can do to help.

    Most respectfully;


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    In our area of the country those old units bit the dust long ago and were replaced. When those were built, Amana was a long way from being a Goodman owned franchise and I wouldn't doubt that they threw the design specs for those systems out long ago. If you really want to try and save the system, then pull the old coil, send it to a custom manufacturer and have one built. Otherwise, replace it with something for which parts are available.

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    Google for "Furnace air handler" and I'm sure you'll find a suitable replacement (like Envision or similar), otherwise something custom is required as "skippedover" suggests...
    Replacing the glycol every 5 years or so helps prevent galvanic corrosion problems, good luck in your efforts...

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