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    Reach in drain pan keeps filling up with water

    Hello I'm working on a reach in and the drain pan just keeps filling up with water. The inital problem was that the heating element shaped like a W was full or rust, it's an old unit. I cleaned the rust but the element doesn't seem to evaporate the water quickly enough as in enters the pan drip by drip. What can I do? The heating element does get hot.

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    I would be thinking that the heating element needs to be replaced. Check the amp draw and see if it is drawing the required amps.
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    Is there a chance that the pan is leaking? If so have another made and make it deeper to allow the element more time to evaporate. I have seen some with thermostats built in the drain pan, If so make sure the thermostat bulb is not hitting the element.

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    How are gaskets and door hinges? If gaskets torn, or door hinges do not self close, you may have more condensation than the OEM heated condensate pan can evaporate. Like others said, check amp draw as well. I once had a little 160w heated pan only pulling like .90 amps at 115v, should have been more like 1.4.

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    "The heating element does get hot." Usually you can feel the heat coming off those things. If you've got juice but it isn't getting hot it sounds like the element is corroded, especially if there was a lot of rust in the pan, as you said. I've seen some with floats, others that are only energized during the defrost cycle and some that are energized constantly with the power run through a thermistor that clips to the element above the water level (really inefficient). Those are the types I've replaced the most. As trippintl0 said, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make sure there isn't excess condensation from bad gaskets, etc (warm, humid air being introduced to the cabinet) We have a store where they are so busy that the pizza/hoagie prep table is constantly opened from 11:00-1:00. That thing produces a lot of condensation.

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    is this case new to the establishment?has it worked OK in the past?is the humidity high? Is it poss. that the proprietor has the a/c off?

    the reason I'm asking is just had the same problem the other day only 50% of the a/c is working while waiting for parts...the pan needs to be emptied every day,and,this was not the case before. Most mfr's call for 75degs and a min. Of 55Rh

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