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    It's a combination of both the VS air handler, and the continious run for the small first stage on those real hot humid days. It maintains a constnat temp throughout with the VS airhandler removing the humidity. The VS air handler will run on less than high when the 1st stage of the condensor is running. When the 2nd stage kicks in to keep up with the heating of the house, the VS will ramp up to high.

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    Originally posted by help in georgia
    I plan to live forever. J. D.
    Tell us how you can do this? We only get so many years...

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    Originally posted by reef tank guy
    So, are you saying that a two-stage compressor removes more humidity that a single stage? I hadn't heard that before and don't see it listed as a selling point in any of the literature/websites.
    Manufacturers cannot actually make this statement because it is a usage issue, not a design issue. A properly sized two stage system is going to run longer at a lower capacity which is going to remove more moisture then a conventional single stage unit simply because of it's run time.

    A perfect system would run 24/7 while maintaining the exact temperature desires. Unfortunately, every outdoor degree in temperature that is below the design temperature causes a single stage system to be oversized for those lesser temps.

    A two stage system narrows down that design temperature factor.

    The Goodman/Amana controls will not force the system into low cooling for humidity control alone. This is a commercially oriented technique that has not yet shown to be truly needed in the residential market. There is also a lack of control of temperature with this sort of humidity control.

    If you need extreme dehumidification that is beyond the abilities of your cooling system to do without having to "overcool" your home to achieve the humidity control, it is better to buy a seperate dehumidifier.

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    When a Two stage compressor in an Infinity system,runs to dehumidify,the temperature is still controled.3° over cooling max and if the stat is below 75°(I think that the number) it raises the target humidity.

    The result is something like this;
    1.Set at 78° and 50% RH
    2.Actual humidity is 60%
    3.Over cools to 75° and 53-55% RH

    4.Guess what,75@55% feels about the same as 78@50%
    5.Most peolpe don't notice the chage ,unless they lok at the stat.

    Let's ask the home owners that have Infinity Control wether they would want to give it up,before we say it's not needed in a home.Sure sells well for something that's not needed.LOL!

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