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    Compressor suction/discharge pressure versus ambient temp

    What should be the ideal compressor suction/discharge pressure range in PSIG if outside temperature is fluctuating between 28 - 36 degree celsius DBT.

    Equipment: Air cooled Packaged unit with 3 compressors X 5.5 TR each.

    Air cooled Condenser unit on roof in open space.

    Is there any chart online, on the relationship between above mentioned pressures and temperatures?


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    That would be a pressure-temperature chart, or pt

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    Thanks for your response Joe.

    I was actually looking for a chart between OUTSIDE AMBIENT DBT and compressor suction/discharge pressure for air cooled compressors running on R22.

    Or maybe some rough idea of what to expect.

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    Just learn how to take and use SH and SC, and that will tell you m ore then just pressure will.
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    Everything factors in together. Indoor temp, outdoor temp, humidity outside and in, then there's coil efficiency and ductwork to factor in.

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