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    Florida Home: Pool Heat Pump Instead Of DX Cooling

    I am toying with several Ideas regarding how to best cool my home in Tampa.

    I currently have a 4 Ton Lennox Low Budget Split that uses a Highboy in the closet. CHEAP To Install, Expensive to operate

    Since THe unit is Trash & 5 Years old I am in The Planning Stages of A Hybrid Mini Split / Chiller Design. But last night I Started Thinking...... Why not Replace TH Lennox with. "Chiller" or Pool Heat Pump with reversing valve


    I Run A 2" Supply Exactly Where the Refrgeration Lines Are Now, I Rip Out The Air Handler and install A Reservoir in this closet Actually. A Hot & A Cold water Reservoir,

    I Then Install Water Cooled Fan powered boxes in ANY Location I Choose simply by running a supply and return, with hydronic balancing ball valve and a solenoid to ISOLATE TH area and also to maintain space temps with a line voltag T Stat controlling the solenoids.



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    Lots of the water source companies offer a water to water heater / chiller.

    Reverse cycle.

    Actually is reversable , where you want the heat.

    You could heat the home too , and chill your pool.

    The pool would be the opposite temp of what you'd want for the seasons?

    The pool would have to be large of you could loose capacity.

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    I Have no Pool! LOL!

    I Will utilize a Reservoir as my "Pool" inside the closet where the old Air Handler was located. Run 2" PVC To the reservoir and install a float valve to maintain water level.

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    LOL Dont know where I got that from or what I was thinking...

    Ill get back to you on that.

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