This old workhorse is an '85 and looks rough, but has served me well. Being that we just moved into a nice new shop, new vehicles are soon coming. But hopefully some of you can appreciate that good work can come from these old warriors.

Like I said, she's not the prettiest but she has staying power.

And just because it's old doesn't mean it can't be organized.

Just spent a bunch of money stocking everything so it this stuff is not quite as organized as I would like. Need to make some more dividers for the shelf. But as long as I know where everything is it's not a problem. Now if I can just get my helper to put stuff back where it goes.

Here's a shot just kind of showing you the overall layout. The work table is 3 feet deep so I can fit full 3 X 8 sheets on it. And I love my threader, automatically oils, and the pittsburgh was just rebuilt. Anyone else have this husky toolbag, I love it.

Ok, this last pic I had to take. Gotta have the microwave!!!

Well, I know some of the other guys have shown their van, hope I can inspire more of you to show your setup, I always like to look for more ideas.