Books For Sale

(1) Operating at Peak Efficiency; A Technician’s Guide to Servicing Hvac/r Equipment by Billy C. Langley

(1) HVAC SERVICING PROCEDURES produced by Carrier

(1) Doolin’s Trouble Shooters Bible 1989

(1) Troubleshooting and Servicing Modern Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems by John Tomczyk

(1) Liebert Level 0 Training & Service Manual – Many other Chapters --7 pounds just this book alone

(1) Liebert Advanced & Advance with Graphics Microprocessors Training & Service manuals – many other chapters – 7 pounds also. And a few Data Aire operation manuals for the Data Alarm Processor –II & Operation & Maintenance Manual for Chilled Water Systems goes with this Liebert book..

(1) Everything you need to know about Compressors made by URI. Mainly commercial compressor by Copeland, Carrier, Trane, Climatrol/Worthington, Airtemp, York, Dunham-Bush, Schnacke ..and more. I think this book cost me over $100.00 & it’s a good size for shipping – four pounds.

A Bunch --- Eight (8) in total Ice Machine handbooks. Six (6) are Manitowoc handbooks for B machines, Q machines, E and G models and the Q130/Q210/Q270 and one Hoshizaki Technician’s Pocket Guide for Model R-22 Cuber, Flaker, DCM Dispenser. One (1) Scotsman Service manual for Model FM1200

(6) Copeland Refrigeration Manuals one through five plus the Electrical Handbook by Copeland. The manuals are almost like new.

(1)Teletrol Systems, Inc Training Seminar System Fundamentals Course

Each listing above is available first come, first serve for $10.00 each as listed plus whatever the shipping comes too. The Liebert manuals are big and heavy as is the Compressor book by URI.

Or you can buy all of them for the combined price of $398.00.

And for Obama supporters, that would be the special price of one bazillion three hundred and fourth two cents for your combined discount including a signed autograph book entiled "We don't need no stinkin' balanced check book."