I want to get a wireless setup so that I can monitor indoor temp, WB and supply temp from outside at the unit. Tired of running back and forth.

I tried the Testo 435 but the range is not good at all. It's all it can do to reach a room or two away. The sensors, wireless setup and the 435 are wonderful and very easy to use. I love the equipment but if the wireless part can't get out of the house then it's useless. I can't believe that we've got plenty of everyday cheap wireless gadgets available to us that have very good range but an expensive tool like this has such a short range. Maybe I need to MacGyver a cordless phone to it

The only other setup that I can find is the Fieldpiece HG3. I've had mixed luck with Fieldpiece. I've got an AVG2 that worked once and has been cr@p since. Even sent it off to Fieldpiece and still was the same piece of when I got it back. Replaced it with a YJ 69075 vacuum gauge which works great.

I've got an AMN2 that works ok but I wasn't all that impressed with it. Replaced it with a Testo 510 which performs much better.

Then I bought a SC77 which I love (except for the beeping).

My impression of Fieldpiece is that it's a low cost solution if you're not all that concerned about reliability or accuracy. That's just a feeling I have due to my limited experience with them. I'm hoping that I'm wrong because I would love for the HG3 to be a reliable accurate piece of equipment that I could trust.

The one feature that might seem small but could mean the difference between a wireless solution working for me or not is the ability to use one of the wireless units as a repeater to extend the range. That is thinking ahead!

Anyone have any experience with the HG3?