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    From the pics, I think Dashes sugestion is the only way your going to get more filter area. But to me, it looks like 2 10 x 25s.
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    Originally posted by tinner73
    i put in Rheem equipment. the units are 34" tall. that would put a 20x30 filter well into the heat exchanger.

    anywhoo...i don't think the OP should be worried.
    Not if you use filter grilles,or an "A" or "V" setup.

    Thinking about it the best suggestion may be ,changinging the filter grille or modifing it to accept a nice 4 or 5" pleated filter,if the static allows.

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    Late response

    Hey gusy

    I apologize for not responding sooner - I have been quite busy with school and work. In any event, I appreciate all your feedback.
    The contractor is coming by tomorrow morning and I will tell him about my concerns.
    Dash, could you please explain a little more what you mean by modifying the filter grill so that it has a V or A shape rail in orther to install two filters? I think I can picture it, but I just want to make sure I konw exactly what you are talking about. Also, the filter area being to small does not mean that the size of the return is insuficient for my system, right?
    Again, I thank you for all the feedback. I don't know what I would have done without this website and the good people who contribute all the professional info.

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