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    Question about reachin cooler by True Manufacturing

    My question is this, my boss told me that the general rule to getting a proper charge on a reach in cooler is to read the evaporator coil temperature and just make sure that the ambient temperature inside the box is 10* higher. So for example 30* evap temp so then 40* reach in ambient temp. Is this correct? or is there another way of charging in properly?

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    Go ahead, read the red header above you post. Please ask questions in the proper area.

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    Since most reach-in coolers only hold small amounts of refrigerant usually 8 ounces up to 2 lbs If I belive there is a charge issue I always remove the
    refrigerant pull a vacuum and weigh the charge in most coolers like this are critical charge, dont forget to add refrigerant for dryers and your hoses. For Evaporator temperature drop take the box temp Minus the suction pressure
    converted to the temp and that equals fot Evap temp drop.

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