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    I agree with the last post, program tstat works well for me. I like to get up to a warm house and get tired of getting out of bed to turn down the tstat cause the house is too warm to sleep. I only use a setback of 1 or max 2 degrees on my heatpump but it still runs long enough in the morning to make a difference. I agree that for a majority of people unless you are on a real routine schedule you may as well use a standard tstat. That's the beauty of Vision Pro, just set it up in manual mode instead of programable. That is the way I set it up in the majority of my customers homes.
    "Go big or Go Home"

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    It's my understanding that Honewell makes the thermo's for AS and Trane. Some Trane labled Thermo's have a few added features then the comparable Honeywell labled thermo.

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    "It's hard to stop a trane" but when you do....It's real expensive to get it going again!!

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    The 802 and 803 are Re-badged Honeywell VP 8000's.
    So far I like them and my customers like them.
    You usually don't try to sell them to "most" elderly people though. They are afraid of computer gadgets etc. and don't want to mess with them.

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