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    Honeywell Trueclean FH800

    Anybody had any experience with these. They are a slightly lower price from our distributor than a Trane Clean Effects. I like my clean effects but still get a white dust (from it being cleaned but not removed) and it seems like the Honeywell helps stop this problem with a carbon media filter. We installed our first one last week and so far the customer loves it(also sealed his ductwork with mastic and blower door tested) but said he has seen immediate results.

    The unit itself is VERY sturdy metal and says it can support 450lbs

    Just wanted to hear others thoughts because to me it is so far... clean Trane unit every 2-3 months max and a service once yearly or a trueclean that "states" once yearly filter change(about cost of a service) and brushing off some wires.

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    StrionAir builds both commercial and residential air cleaners and was recently bought by Honeywell. The residential air cleaner model is sold through United Technology air conditioning equipment dealers and by the Honeywell distribution channels as TrueClean. Each brand has different sized housings and voltages. The Carrier/Bryant/ICP units fit their housings and come in both horizontal and upflow configurations. The Honeywell models are the sizes of their electronic filter housings, but deeper. I like the fact that you throw away the dirty filter. It makes servicing the unit much easier than the Trane model.

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