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    Ductless split problem

    Hi, New to this site so if i have posted in the wrong area or something i apologise.
    I am a tech in ontario and have a problem with a LG ductless split. it is about 5 years old R22. regular PSC rotory compressor(not variable) 9000btu, single head, 115v. I will post the model number shortly. Here is the story
    Another tech diognosed the compressor as failed (locked rotor) and was drawing 30A-40A so a new compressor was orderd and this is where i get on site. The replacement went as expected. wheighed in factory 24.7oz (approx 25ft lineset). On start up the compressor runs for 1.5-2.5 secconds and pulls the suction from 150psi to 125psi then shuts down.
    Overload is closed, all safeties are closed, capacitor is new and is within range, there is 115v at my common to run and start weither the compressor is stoped or running for the short amount of time. The strange part is i get current draw of 4.5A when the compressor is running and 10A-11A when it is stalled(LRA is around 40A i believe)
    The only time i can get the compressor to run is if there is very little charge (25psi standing and 5psi running)I only ran it like this for a few secconds because i didint want to dammage any components
    I spoke at length with the manufacture tech support. he said cap tube. plugged. My opinion is that if the cap tube were pluged it would run for a longer period of time before stalling and when stalled would draw more than 10A
    I know it is not likely but i am starting to belive the compressor may be DOA and have orderd a new one but if i am going in the wrong direction would like to hear from you. Any feed back i would appreciate

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    Mini splits are sometimes hard to figure out. How many control boards are in this unit? A lot of the problems occur in those boards and has nothing to do with the refrigeration end of it. Tech support is also of little help sometimes.
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    Just for Clarification

    Did you do the repair yourself? I know that another tech condemned the compressor. And did you get the exact replacement?
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    This may not help you this time but in my world a 5year old 9000btu ductless is out of warrenty and nonrepairable. Typically the lobor involved with replacing componets added to componet costs justify unit replacement for a unit of this size. There is no room for guess work.

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    I agree, i typicaly go towards replacement. In this case i was not involved with the decision making and now i am stuck cleaning up the mess.
    There is one circit board just a simple relay controling the compressor and i Belive i have all the electrical requirements at the comp for proper operation
    I did the repair myself but diognostic was done by another tech, the new comp was a OEM direct replacement

    I do not have alot of experiance with small rotory compressors like this. If it were wound incorectly at the factory and ran backward could it pump to some extent. tech support said it was a posibility, as well the strange current draw led be to think that the start or run winding was droping out or never in the circit.
    I dont mean to bother you guys with such a small unit but the theroy behind this is intriguing me. I have never ran into a compressor like this and dont like it when i am not shure of something
    Thanks for any input

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    Is the factory change good for 25' of lineset?

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    Yes the factory charge is for 25' of lineset. I dont think overcharge is a posibility tho, if it stalled because of overcharge i belive it would pull LRA

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