I'm sure there's a specific reason so if someone could explain it to me I would really like to understand.

on a 16 ton split chiller ( ACZ ) r407c. Shortly after the liquid line leaves the condensing unit it goes into a check valve. When it leaves the check valve it goes into the filter/drier then goes into the building to a 2 circuit evaporator in the air handler. Ok, right below the check valve is a 150 psi pressure relief valve (henry 5232). A couple of inches out of the check valve the line tees off and drops down to the inlet of the prv. The line leaving the prv is connected a couple inches before the check valve. I don't understand the reasoning for how the prv is connected. Any help clarifying this is very appreciated.

one more thing. I checked henry prv website and they say that prv is designed to relieve vapour pressure and should be mounted vertically. Prv on this chiller is mounted horizontally and in the liquid line. Any potential problems with this ? this thing was designed by someone smarter than me but on paper it seems messed up.

Thank you for your time and help