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    System Selection

    Could someone give me some direction on selecting one HVAC manufacturer over another? I must choose a vendor for a 3,000 sf building in North Carolina. How do I choose between carrier, Rheem, trane, goodman, amana, etc? Thank you for any advice.

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    One Criteria

    If the unit fails the service and parts are readily available within the area.
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    I LOVE AMANA , BUT DON'T LIKE GOODMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Find the dealer you like best and put in what he suggests.

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    Local support should win. Manufacturing practices and ISO ratings have brought the manufacturing process into a fairly close race. The "best" is the equipment that has local support via wholesalers and dealers who are service oriented.

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    There are only so many component Mfg's. I know I am a newb here, but agree with who has presence in your area. In my area for commercial. Trane has better presence/service/parts than the above mentioned. but in so cal, I heard that Carrier is superior, etc. at least here, it is a franchise thing. One guy/company has the service ( 1 company) parts (another company) and equipment (another company). One thing I appreciate about our setup, is my salesman is a degreed Mechnical Engineer, so the same person I buy a furnace from is the same person I buy a chiller from....

    Your area may dictate Lennox, or Rheem or York etc. Today almost all components are similar quality imho

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