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    I thought it looked good when I left.... haha just kidding

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    You know, I always wonder if the actual installers/techs/business owners have been on here looking through the "Wall of Shame" files and says to himself......"That looks really familiar.......Oh Sh*t!"
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    After 35 yr. doing HVAC, what do installers say when issues like this come up? "Looks good from my house."

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    me personally, the h/o was given options and this may have been the best option in his mind. over the years i've seen houses where i say, who's idea was this? the builder/ the architec, trying to hide units for aesthetic,, affects,the h/o on a budget as compared with opening up walls and the added expese of sheet rock,patch/paint,so when i see a picture like this,i factor in all the variables involved. but it isn't my house,and wasn't my choice.

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    i thinks they ran out of line set cover and didn't want to get anymore!!!!!!!! beer-thirty

    It is what it is unless I say differently !!!!

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    Wow that has me cracking up, sorry to laugh. The good news is a real contractor can clean that up, unfortunately it will cost a few bucks. Normally I would say you could take all the money you saved by hiring such a contractor but it sounds like you paid for a Cadillac and got a Yugo... Its hard to decide on a contractor, you just never know what you are going to get. I always recommend going with a small to mid size company, and it helps to know who is actually going to do the work. I help on most of my company's installs, it gives the customer a warm fuzzy knowing that I will be on top of giving them a great installation.
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    Reviving this old thread, because the time has come to relocate the lineset off the outside wall.

    I have an "off the wall" question-pun intended. After much searching throughout the house, there are no good options such as closets or places to run the lineset up through the house. When the install was done, we had an option to place the unit on a flat roof, but the owner of the company rejected that idea.

    So here's my question--and please be gentle in your replies. We would run the lineset from the unit on the ground through the foundation and into the basement. We replaced our boiler and hot water heater with a high efficiency Weil McClain Unit this fall. So the line chimney flue is vacant. I went to the roof and checked it out. There is a separate terra cotta masonry fireplace flue separated from the old boiler flue and running parallel to it.

    One idea I am favoring is to run the lineset up through the unused chimney flue and cut a hole in the chimney in the attic and run it out through the side of the chimney. The unit is right next to the chimney, so it would be a clean run. I can assure you we would not vent anything through this lined flue as it is completely out of commission.

    Good or bad idea?

    I want to consider and eliminate this idea before I start with a professional and the option of moving the unit to the roof.

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    The worst part is someone thought this was a good idea
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    i dont see a problem doing this....people use the chimney to run their 3" pvc pipes for new high efficiency units.

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    Not covering the last 2 feet really makes the whole job look
    We use square plastic guttering alot, which looks like that, but covering the entire lineset makes a big difference.
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    Using the chimney as a "pipe chase" sounds feasable. Assuming that it is truly abandoned. It would really clean up this really ugly install.

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    Good idea on the chimney. Have done this multiple times. You could even cap that portion of the chimney to keep it dry. Original install was a mess. Did you finish paying for this? When the owner/boss looked at this job he thought it looked ok? My boss would of made me redo that.
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    Sounds good would the chimney need cleaned first

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