I just purchased a 100 year old home here in Louisville Kentucky. The furnace was shot. There was no duct work for the second floor. I have removed the drop ceilings and have room to run new duct work for the second floor.
I want to install a new heating and air system in the house. I intend to be here for a few years maybe more.
I have gotten mixed information on what components to use.
Some say use a spit system, a heat pump with a gas furnace others say heat pump only and still others say gas funace and central air unit.
On the gas funace end I can get a pretty good deal on American Standards top of the line furnace the Freedom 90 Comfort R from a friend of mine that does commercial work.
Just to get a second opinion I had a contractor from my area come over and give me a bid. He said that particular furnace would be a waste in my house, he recomended a Rheem Classic 90 Plus. He recomended a 14 sear air conditioner were the other recomended a 14 sear heat pump.
The home is a 1500 sq ft two story shoot gun house that I am insulating and replacing the windows with two pane.
I really am at a lose here. Our local gas and electric company just raised gas rates by 64% and I need to get this system in before it gets much colder. I want to do it right, but don't want to waste my money on the best if it won't make a difference.
Please help.