Hello everyone. I've only made a few posts on this site. I'm back again pretty much out of gas. I've been everywhere and sent resumes to every company i can think of in my area but no dice. I've had 1 interview and he called me back and said they decided to go with another candidate, figures lol. This is really frustrating for me. I'm stuck at a dead end job working part-time nights. The pay is horrible and i hate working at night. I pretty much come on to this site to get some reassurance about sticking with hvac. I'm starting to think it was a waste of money for my wife and I. We took our tax money and paid for the schooling and now living pay check to pay check. I have my epa universals, maryland apprentice license, and current drivers license. I have a really nice resume done. I know it takes more than just that, however, i didn't know it was this hard to get into a trade. I'm thinking i should have gotten my CDL's. I see openings for that all the time. I live on the Maryland Eastern Shore. Salisbury, Md. My name is Daniel, and email is danielsizer@rocketmail.com. If anyone has any suggestions or maybe an apprentice spot for a greenhorn please let me know. Thanks.