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    HELP! From a sweltering/freezing high-rise worker in London

    Hello guys,

    I don't know anything about air condition - except that it's supposed to make the office a comfortable place to work...

    And it's not right now -- and I have arranged a meeting with our aircon contractor - but he is quite beligerent and when we brought our troubles to him before, he claimed that there is nothing that can be done.

    We are so desperate, that I 've decided to find some help... so here I am!!

    What I would reeeeeeeaaaaaallllly appreciate - is if any of you, could just give me some information with which to arm myself, when I go to the meeting!

    OR -- if you agree with him -- at least save me the embarassment, and we will just get some fans/heaters for ourselves.

    I work for a multi-national GIANT firm with 100,000s of employees, so I can't imagine that it's our aircon system that is not up to scratch. We are in a prestigeous building in London - 13 floors.

    Here is our problem:

    We are a 24 hour department (the only one in the building). Come 7pm at night, the temperature drops drastically, causing everyone to don sweaters and coats.

    And then, around midnight, it gets so hot, that people sit here with sweat poring from their faces -- and it's not work related stress, I assure you!

    During the day (normal office hours) the temp is fine. During the day, there are 40 people working. At night/evening only about 12.

    When we walk around the REST of the building - the temperature seems normal -- these areas are large open plan areas, stretching across whole floors.

    Our department, due to security, is glassed off, with 2 doors. There are no windows facing outside.



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    Sounds like the Air Conditioning is being shut down late in the evening. If this is a chilled water system then it seems strange that the building temp feels ok but your office is very warm.
    You need to ask if the BMS control system is configured to run cooling at night to cover your office, then if that is ok maybe their is a problem with your chiller coping with such a small load certain types of chillers mainly screw and centrifugal can't handle small loads if the bulk of the office a/c is shut down. Find out from your contractor his reasons for it getting hot at night and WHY nothing can be done. If its a load problem then you need to look at a seperate Air Conditioning unit just for your 24 /7 office.

    Just interested as to who your contractor is and what his reasons are for no cooling?
    Normally most contractors would be falling over themselves to help.


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    The relevant questions are:

    Who owns and operates the building?

    Is your company a major lesee? (one with a great deal of influence?)

    The first question relates to the idea that your company is probably not the building owner, and most likely, the hours of operation are specified in the commercial lease. It is VERY likely that your company agreed to the terms of the lease regarding heating and cooling.

    Now, the question remaining is a) does your company wish to spend money on an additional, small system to operate when the building system goes off line, and b) will the building owner allow them to do that?
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    Oh, thank you guys for taking the time to respond!

    No, I don't think anyone in the square mile owns the buildings they occupy - so we definitely would be leasing.

    I can't say who the contractors are, they'll have my head!

    Obviously, if it is a "policy" or "economy" reason - then I can accept that "nothing can be done" (without spending more money).

    I think it may be a good idea to suggest a smaller (portable? independent?) unit for our department office -- that sounds like it could be a solution, if the main building's system can't help.

    All sounds very obvious now (now that the experts looked at it).

    Thank you guys!

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    If they want to keep your group happy/ productive

    And the "house system" is too big to run for your small area, then they will need to provide a smaller system or minisplits to accommodate your schedule.

    OR You could revolt, it kinda worked for us on this side of the pond back in 1770's
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    13 floors your most likely off the "house system" chilled water at 45F supplied to a Air Handler dedicated to your need to ask the tech what are the occupied time and temps which should be 24/7 for your offices.if the rest of the building is empty that CHILLER might be shutting down or somebody is shutting your air handler down as your office heats up from the people and lights and computers heat the place buildings run Time Of Day "TOD" settings (occupied time and temps) workers in then unoccupied when the workers go home your question to the tech is what are the times and temps dedicated to our floor 24/7.sounds like he is ducking your questions because its the building that supplies your cooling and all he does is filters and need a building manager a the sitdown to get control questioned answered....the system sounds like it is timing itself with temps and doesn't know the floor is 24/7 lets hear back sound interesting from across the POND
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