I know that I'm setting myself up for flaming, but what is the reason that heating companies would take the time to come to my house and then never submit an estimate? I need a new furnace and air conditioner. Two out of the three companies who have come out have never sent us a bid.

Believe me, we have always treated these people with the utmost respect. I have a good idea of what brand and type of furnace I want, and I didn't waste the guys' time by letting them talk up furnaces that I knew we didn't want. The only reason that we went beyond the first and only estimate was that the price was about twice as much as we were anticipating. If the other guys asked if we had talked to anyone else, I didn't lie. We only called companies who were on the manufacturer's web site.

Should I feel rejected by this or is it just a matter of companies being able to pick only the easy jobs at this busy time? One guy said that our job would take a week to complete. Is this possible?