Unusual Design to say the least, however I am an Inventor and Entrepreneur, so EVERYTHING becomes a ""PROJECT" The house is roughly 4-5 years old, Well built, other than low budget windows and the HVAC System is a Joke.
Lennox Splits and we are Very Close to the Gulf of Mexico so Everyones coils are DUST.... Except mine... I Protected mine with Cal Shield. But there is no HP Control, only LP.

A Chinese Condenser fan with no oil ports spells Disaster....

So UNLIKE All the Idiot Neighbors.... I Am being Pro-Active and Will Begin a "Phased HVAC Project"


Install Either either a Mitsubishi, Sanyo, or Daikin, Inverter Heat Pump, with 4 Ports on the west side of the 2100 sq ft ranch. Install Two Air Handlers and leave Two Ports for Phase 2.
Install a "Chiller" roughly 1 HP, maybe 2. Utilize Chilled Water for my Invention Shop to Maintain Space temps, Not add the load to the mini split if possible using a water cooled condenser and/ or installing the chiller in the garage. The chiller can provide cooling ANYWHERE. I Simply Cut a hole in the ceiling, install a water cooled fan powered box and a diffuser. DONE....

Phase 2

Install 3 Port unit on East Side to handle the master bedroom and bath, as well as a TV Room.

Phase 3:

Install remaining Units in Bedrooms on West side of the house.

Can Anyone Help In Terms of PROPER LOAD CALCS? This is a KEY Part of a correct installation here in Florida....