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    I'm in a bit of a bind and need your help.
    I picked a local contractor with a good reputation.
    The config was a Trane XR80 (100k btu) and an XR11 (3 ton)heatpump with TXV, std indoor coil, humidifier and prog.t-stat.
    They said they can't locate a 11 or 12 SEER anymore in the DE/Philly/Baltimore area and they don't deal directly with Trane - but through a distributor - so they can't get a free upgrade from Trane.
    They can do a XB13 - for $800 or 1000 more.

    what the payback period would be to go from a
    XR11 to a XB13 heat pump?

    I may not live there for more than 2 years but I may still have the house as a rental if I don't live in it.
    btw: I'm guessing if I get a heat pump a humidifier is probably not necessary...

    Now I may have to come back to either the W.King (80%/10SEER a/c, humidifier) for half the price of the 13 SEER Trane System from Delfera the guy who wants to avoid the permit or the same W.King for about $700 more with permit from the D&T guy who was really good with the suggestions for returns etc.... or for the same amount a Payne 80%/10SEER a/c from AirFlow.
    W.King or Payne - is one better than the other if installed by the same person?

    what do you guys think?
    go Trane 13 SEER HP or go Payne/W.King a/c?

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    find a york installer in your area they they are still putting out the 10 seer equipment and you can save some money.if you spend all that extra money and the renters dont take care of it you will be kicking your self in the rear.

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    you will not get a payback in two years on the higher seer system, but, it will have more safety controls such as high and low pressure controls, a factory installed filter/drier, etc...( probably a better warranty and will operate more quietly)

    why wouldn't a humidifier be necessary with a heat pump? wheather you have a heat pump or fossil fuel furnace has no bearing on the relative humidity of your home.

    the relative humidity levels are related to infiltration.

    good luck.

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    Trane high SEER is pricey and they are gone here too. If you like the product, see if you have an American Standard dealer in your area.

    To me, WeatherKing is a good value. Low priced but still a well built unit. The 10PJB 2 ton and up have a Copeland scroll, demand defrost, TXV outdoor metering.

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    Originally posted by shaum76

    I may not live there for more than 2 years

    I think the next guy that I hear this from I am going to reach out and slap him in the face.

    Shaum if you are going to move but still own the house then the problems will be yours to deal with. Go with the Trane/American Standard set up. American Standard is setting up their dealers now to offer financing through a new company. They can offer several different options for you.

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