We have a 20 year old Trane heat pump. It is located at a house that we lived in 20 yrs, and have rented the last 12 yrs. When we lived there and freezing rain or sleet and wet snow would build-up on the outside unit either we or our tenants would un-freeze the fan. Either with slightly warm water or one tenant put it in the AC mode and said it thawed it . Here is where the problem comes in this year. The house is unoccupied and I am not sure it will be rented before the bad weather starts. We must keep the heat set between 55 and 60 to to prevent the pipes from freezing as there is no way to drain this house.
What could happen to it if it freezes the fan outside and there is no one there to thaw it? Will it just groan and trip a breaker? Will it burn out the fan motor? What are the possibilities? We live 120 miles from the house and can't just run over and check it out. I was there from last Feb. to Sept. working and making repairs to the house and the heat pump, even at it age, was performing fine.Any information would be appreciated. Thanks