Called to a customer's, Dr.s. Said called alarm co. called fire dept.because of alert. Fire Co. and gas co. came. I mistakenly went to Dr.s office because they both work there during the day. Wrong, they said the wife home and was taken to the hospital. Went to house, no on there, garage open, car there but no one answered and door was open. Purse and receipt from hospital on counter. Freaked me a little when she didn't answer but she did when phoned. Big town home.
Anyway, the daughter said they checked everything and focused on a water heater on 3rd floor. But tried and tried but couldn't find anything but gas guy red tagged it anyway. Well the son in law listened to this and then chimed in, "what about the carpet guys"? They had backed up to the garage, ran hoses in, had door open to garage and ran the truck powered carpet cleaner the whole time, 2.5 hours with the wind in the right, (wrong) direction. Closed the doors and left. 15 min before alarm.
Still left the water heater tagged. BTW, it's on the other side of house from her bedroom where she was. Dropping off an NCI monitor, ( didn't want one before when offered.....)