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    Quote Originally Posted by wakko View Post
    so we recently got a house in Austin, TX (Built in 1997), and found out the AC wasn't cooling. our 1 year home insurance came and went. the repairman for the insurance said there is probably a leak and just refueled the freon, approximately 4lbs as he said the insurance wouldn't cover finding the leak and fixing it since they usually don't. this year called a service repair guy and talked to him for a bit, gave me a couple different options about replacing the unit but no mention of finding the leak. said theres definately a leak and took a look upstairs at the heat pump but didn't know where it was. refueld the freon again 4lbs and charged $xxx for the call and freon. now i'm thinking if i need a new unit down the road as the current trane xe1000 whines a bit when turned on compared to our neighbors units. Will a 13 seer or greater will pay itself off in efficiency in 5 years?

    any help is much appreciated. sorry if this isn't informative as i'm not really sure what's needed.
    no, your unit is 14 years old, what you want , is reliable,no leaks,cold, good install,with a good warranty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakko View Post
    just a correction, looked back at my notes and the first repairman said it would most likely need a new evaporator coil. Since i asked about new units, he suggested a payne (carrier co) unit for the cost instead of going with some of the other brands.

    Any comments on payne units? he said they were a little louder but haven't had any problems so far.

    Thanks smittyii, just looked at the map and it seems you were in San Marcos, you do calls to Austin, TX even though its far?
    what part of austin??
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    a 14 year old heat pump in austin if you had the same amount of run time on your car it would have about 1.5 -2 million miles on it . i would look at a complete 14 or 15 seer unit

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