We had the Infinity system installed in our new house last summer. We new the cost wouldn't allow us to put in zoning or an ERV until the spring, but we wanted the best.

The question is, would there be any benefit in installing Remote Room Sensors in the meantime. My understanding is that we can attach up to 4 RRS's to the Infinity controller. The system would then average the temperature from all 4 sensors, using the Infinity controller's humidity reading only.

The only cost, other than the price of the sensors, would be to have our installer pull wires for each sensor and attach them to the back of the controller.

Has anyone worked with these sensors, do you think it is worth doing? We have about 1900 sq feet, 2 storey home with a full, unfinished basement and I would like to even out the temperatures a bit more. The system as is, with good ducting, actually does a good job, but there is a few degrees difference between levels.

Would we be better off using smart sensors instead, or is that not an option?