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    We have radiant ceiling heat with three zones in our house. We just had a leak, so yesterday I had a heating contractor come out and repair it. Before the leak, and before the repair, we had no problems with our thermostat. (Obviously we lost heat when the leak started). Anyway, the contractor turned the boiler off while he repaired the leak. Then turned it back on and tested it. Things heated up just fine and no more leak, so he left.

    Now all three zones just CONTINUALLY pump out heat, regardless of what the thermostats are set at. Last night we had all the windows in the house open and it was still 80 degrees inside--45 degrees outside. I turned all three thermostats OFF at 3:30 a.m. and the heat still continued pumping through. (We have one radiator, and that also continued pumping out heat). Finally I turned off the boiler around 10 a.m. and cooled off the house during the day, hoping it might reset things. I turned the boiler back on an hour ago and the house is back up to 80 degrees, even though the thermostats are set at 60.

    What is going on???? I don't want to call these HVAC guys back--for various reasons unrelated to this I don't think they were completely ethical. But I also think they should fix whatever problem they left me with. Any ideas I can try before calling them to come back tomorrow?

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    Could be a simple mistake, I'd call them and express your concern.

    They can't fix what they do not know about.

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    You should call them back with your problem and ethic concern.It could be thier mistake,or a result of the leak.
    Keep in mind you didnt voice your problem to them earlier.
    never say never

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    could be that the problem you are having is what caused the leak in the first place. sounds to me like the zoning control board or a relay on it went bad

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