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    Scotsman nugget ice machine make loud sqeaking noise.

    This scotsman Icemaker, NSE654 model, make very loud squeaking noise. sound like its auger or gear turning and trying to overcome some kind of friction between its internal parts. I open up the evap. assembly and found out that its bearing was out and oil leaked into the ice bin. I replaced the bearing and top seals and the machine ran about 45 min. making ice as normal but then this noise came. Any suggestion on where to look at. factory charge call for 25 oz and i got 21 oz out.

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    It's also possible all it needs is a good acid cleaning per the instructions on the machine. If flakers and nugget machines aren't cleaned regularly the auger will bind.

    Could be a contributing cause to that bearing failure too.

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    The other 4oz of charge is sitting in the hoses and recovery machine.
    If I take the auger gets cleaned, as well as the evaporator shell.

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    Nugget ice maker, scotsman brand

    On my last trip, I opened up the gear box and it is in excellent condition but i changed out the gear oil though. I used ice machine cleaning chemical as prescribe by manufacture to clean the evap. Then I charged it up by weight in. It run good, making ice as normal. and there again, about 30min. later, that same squeaking noise come back. it was like 1am. so, i just left. the next day, the owner open up his biz and turn on this icemaker as was suggested (by me). what da heck. he said it ran fine. (He called me to confirm the repair after the machine been running about 3hr.) so i guest i fixed it. thanks u guys for ur input. but my question is WHAT DID I MISSED?

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