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    Thanks to all in here for the great info on AC over the summer. You all have helped me ask the right questions and understand what my tech has been doing with the new system. Now we are into the heating season and new questions come to mind.

    1. With the AC, it seemed that everyone stated that longer run times = correct sizing and peak efficiancy. Is the same true for the furnace?

    2. It seemed to be pretty unanimous with the AC NOT to close off ducts. Is this the same for the furnace? I have an unused room, not that big of a deal, just curious.

    3. How much are natural gas prices truly rising over the country? Around here (midwest) the news has been bracing us for 40-70% increases in cost. (Picked the right year to replace the 30+ year old furnace I had..hehehe)

    Thanks again for all of the excellent help you pros provide!

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    A little more forgiving in heat, but not much.

    Close it off half way, remmember, your inside walls aren't insulated, so closing off the whole way could make the adjacent room cooler.
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    Don't want to go closing off too many vents in heating. Have to keep the heat rise within manufacturers specs. Closing off too many vents will cause the furnace to overheat and run on the primary high limit. Balancing off a couple of registers should not hurt.
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