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    If I decide to get a variable speed furance (Lennox G60V),I'll get a P3741100 Totaline 7 day programmable thermostat. The contractor says it can operate on single or two stage. Do I need one that's specifically two-stage or will this be just as good?

    Thanks so much.

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    If you're spending the money to get a 2 stage furnace, then yes, get a 2 stage stat. Let the stat decide when to fire 2nd stage and when to turn it off, not some timer on the furnace's circut board.

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    two stage thermostat

    Thanks, amickracing. That was what I was afraid of. I'm trusting the contractor on everything else...and he recommends the Totaline thermostat.

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    The 374-1100 is a nice stat and yes, it is 2 stage.

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    I had that same Furnace when I was in Toronto. The installer had it on the 10 minute timer with a cheap Magic Stat. I wired in a new 2 stage Honeywell myself and it made a world of difference to me. We used the setback features for both day and night and really appreciated the way it overshot the temperature a couple of degrees on recovery because of the cold walls and whatnot. Others have complained about the overshoot though.

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