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    If you compare apples to apples on a trane product verses an American Standard product, are they virtually the same except the way they look on the outside. Is there any literature out there to support they are the same or htat they are different?

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    It's the great American marketing trick - who wants quotes from 2 Trane dealers when you can have a 'real' choice - a Trane dealer and ...... an American Standard dealer. The product comes from different distributors, and dealer gets a chance to toot a slightly different horn, but basically the same product

    Rheem& Ruud used to paint their units ( identical in shape and parts) a different color to differentiate between the two

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    Only split outdoor units are different. The XR gets different cosmetics from the A-S. A-S also doesn't get the plastic top of the XLi but under the hood they are identical. B models are 100% identical except the plastic logo on them.

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