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    Originally posted by coolcray3
    thats all good pjs but does it tell you how long and how many elbows you can have before going to 3 inch
    We were discussing the combustion air, are you refering to the Exhaust ??? all manufactures specify their venting, and yes installation instructions are real specific today, especially Carriers and Bryants

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    well how ever they do it the inspector is going to go in and look at the paper work to to see if it meets the mfg specs unless he is a real ball buster and wants it his way.I install york and they are using 2 inch on the smaller furnaces up to 15 ft and 5 elbows anything more you have to go to 3 inch on both intake and exaust if there is not enough area to pull intake from and the larger furnaces are 3 right from the start.

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