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    Question Goodman/Amana in Toronto

    Hi everyone,

    I am living in Toronto and the time came to replace the old furnace I have.
    After doing some readings about furnaces and Central AC units I have decided to go for Bryant 90i Plus (or Day_and_Night brand plus a Bryant Central AC).
    Being in conntact with some HVAC contractors, another recomandation came from them: the new series from Goodman/Amana(and the price $1000 - $1200 less)

    GMV9 -
    93% Variable Speed 90K BTU Gas Furnace up to 5 Ton (with DC motor)

    AC Unit
    CLQ36 -
    3.0 ton Goodman 14 seer central system (or maybe 3.5 ton)
    ( )

    The house has 2800 - 3000sqf, 2 storey, 4 bedrooms with a finished basement (family room in basement).

    Any sugestions will be really apreciated.

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    So, any inputs?

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    lots of info, but whats the question????

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    Originally posted by deejoe
    lots of info, but whats the question????
    Hi deejoe,

    Is this package a good choice?
    Any known issues with thouse?

    Any other suggestions?


    I have opened a new thread (Goodman Amana) with the same question. I see using Goodman's name brings up more attention.

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    how many contractors have you called? who do you trust? You have looked at the warranty info online, why can't you make you mind up? There is not a bad product out there like there used to be in past years.. go with the contractor you want to do the work..

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