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    grandparents moldy garage

    Hello, I would like to thank everyone in advance for any help they can give. My grandparents house caught fire and burned about two years ago. They had a restoration repair the damage. The hired a notable hvac company to come and repair the damage to the ah. Prior to the fire the garage, in which the fire and the air handler are in, the floor joists above the garage were exposed as well as the ductwork. After the repairs were done and my grandparents moved back in they noticed they had finished the garage in with drywall etc. One year later they noticed an unusual amount of condensation building up on a new vent they installed in the basement, behind the garage. There is a bump out that the supply and return ducting runs across the house and there is mold growing on the sheetrock below it. I figured they didnt insulate the ductwork before closing it off but the area that i could stick my hand in, right by the plenum, is insulated. Since im the only one with hvac experience, although not a lot i just got out of school not hired, they saw fit to have me come over this week and meet with the gc and discuss this issue. Could anyone give me a clue as to what i should do? say?

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    1) High humidity?

    2) Lack of insulation?

    3) Imported drywall?

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    I believe it's code to finish the celings of a garage with 5/8 fire code sheetrock if it's an attached garage. So the GC had no choice on that issue.

    Unfortunately, your description of the problem area leaves me with more questions than answers. I'd need to see some photos to get an idea of what it is you are trying to describe. Post a few photos and maybe that will help to clear things up.

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