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    If you havent recieved a estimate that your happy with, let me know. I own a hvac business that is in Bartlett & I go to Germantown all the time. Look in my profile & get my contact information & I'll be happy to tell you what my company can do. If you call, tell the girl that you'd like my cell phone #.

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    I had a contractor out yesterday that spent a good bit of time taking measurements and doing the calculations and he said that cooling wise I was borderline using a 3.5 ton (he said something about 43,000+ BTU). During the hot days my current unit would run constantly and struggled to keep the temp below 80 degrees (thermostat set at 78)so I tend to trust him that a 4.0 ton unit is what is needed for cooling.

    As for heating I am still not totally sold on a heat pump. My house was built in 1977 and while it does have insulation it can get a bit drafty in the winter and I am wondering if the lower vent temps from a heat pump will keep it comfortable enough. Also one person did tell me that he thought that the 410A heat pumps might produce a little warmer air, but he was not that familiar with them.

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