I quit comin here for a long time because of all the Goodman guru's. I'm startin to like them because I change out a lot of em and nobody seems to want another one. I put in Goodman too. Its cheap!!! Govt jobs are bid by other goodman dealers. Well cheap is what they want when they put in free furnaces for people. However I am switchin to the gibson brand which is Nordyne as its also cheap ... not as cheap as goodman but I'm tired of goin out and fixin things that shouldn't be bad in a new furnace. Gas valves this week a new one had a short in it. Had one that didn't shut the gas off when furnace shut down. inducer motor, pressure switch etc etc. Tired of it. Yes I know they appear to be the same gas valves etc of other brands but somethin is wrong when ya don't change THEIRS... and why is brand bashing, always got a Goodman involved in it? You all have a good day.