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    I've received bids on a new HVAC system for an 1814 sq. ft. single-story home in Southern California.

    I don't plan to use the A/C much, so a 10 seer would make sense. However, I'm concerned about longevity and availability of refrigerant, parts, etc. in the future, and how much more expensive they may be. Although I'm getting a 10-year warranty, I want the system to last well beyond that (I'm hoping for 30 years). Would it be wise to get a 10 seer at this time?

    The only contractor who did a manual J calc recommends the Lennox G60 variable speed because the furnace will be in a closet next door to a bedroom, and I want something quiet. Is it worth it or is it hype? We listened to a CD comparing furnaces and the variable speed was louder on one speed. I've read reports of the shut-down motor being louder as well. Any truth to that?

    Thank you in advance -- sorry for so many questions!

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    Any blower will be loud since it's moving air... but how loud depends on how the duct is sized and run. Variable speed will add a lot of comfort (and last longer and be cheaper to run) than the old style motors. It can be quieter at least some of the time since it won't be running full blast all of the time (might still run at 100% sometimes though).

    If you want 10 SEER you better act somewhat fast, coming in Jan 2006 you won't be able to get less than 13 SEER. I know in our area many supply houses are already out of the lower SEER's.

    If it was me I would get a higher seer than the 10 (even if the 13 SEER law wasn't in effect). The better the equipment, the better the installers you get, the more comfort you'll have and the more piece of mind and well running system you'll have.

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    Forget about the 10 SEERs, they are gone from the face of the earth. All my suppliers are out of them here in TX.
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    if noise is a big issue you might want to check out G61 furnace. may not need the 94% afue but noise will be much less with unit pulling outdoor air for combustion.

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    10 or 13 seer?

    Thanks, guys. I'm sure I'll have more questions soon!

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